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Lapp Limited News

Why use Low Smoke Zero Halogen cables?

LAPP Group has created many state of the art cable technologies. When you are designing cables used by some of the biggest companies across the world safety is a paramount feature. Low Smoke Zero Halogen cables are just one of LAPP Group’s cable creations and its main function is safety. Why choose zero halogen? The importance of low smoke in safety may seem obvious but it may not be apparent why zero halogen makes this cable special. LAPP Group’s Low smoke halogen free cables are the best cables for use in aircraft and other enclosed spaces where ventilation is poor.

In the unfortunate event of a fire on an aircraft the last thing you want is to add poisonous gas to the scenario but that is what could happen if you chose halogen cables rather than low smoke zero halogen cables. Plastics containing halogen can release hydrogen chloride in a fire. Hydrogen chloride is very poisonous and can become acidic when in contact with water. That is why zero halogen is superior to halogen and low halogen cables. Naturally the low smoke is also an important aspect to these cables in the event of fires.

Low smoke halogen cables are the best for any enclosed space but particularly in machinery, especially planes because halogen free cables are usually lighter, thereby reducing overall weight of machinery, hence they are a far more efficient building material. This is a natural advantage and halogen free cables are far more environmentally friendly than cables with halogen.

LAPP Group prioritises safety in all its cables and their products are always of the best quality. Each type of cable is carefully designed to provide optimum functionality in different environments. LAPP Group invents and builds cables with their use and purpose in mind. Low smoke zero halogen cables are perfectly crafted for use in any space where poor ventilation could increase the risk of fire or exacerbate the consequences of a fire. Low smoke zero halogen cables are significantly safer in these circumstances compared to cables where halogen is present.

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