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Lapp Limited News

Walkers Sausage Co Adopt Lapp OLFLEX Cabling Systems

As an award-winning premium sausage manufacturer that supplies the retail sector with pre-packed and deli counter sausages, it is important that they are able to operate within their food environment in a safe and reliable manner.olflex 450 and 540

The Leicester based company has accumulated an outstanding record for its technical safety standards, achieving the highest band of Grade ‘AA+’ in accordance with the British Retail Consortium grading system.

The site when operations take place in the production and packing of the sausages must be incredibly hygienic and safe for the employees, systems and produce.

As the hygiene levels are considered outstanding at this company, a huge emphasis on hygiene cable and equipment wash downs is employed, that means cables are subject to high pressure, stress and cleaning products. Walker Sausage Co has opted to install two of Lapp’s finest robust cable that is suitable for food and beverage related applications.

OLFLEX® 450P and 540P have been used as they are highly durable control cables that use a Polyurethane outer sheath. This cable range is highly effective in providing resistance against many lubricants and chemical media. The signal colour of the outer sheath will increase safety and visual perception.

Lapp holds the stock and capability to offer a full range of Polyurethane and Thermoplastic elastomer cables with OLFLEX® 450P and 540P proving the perfect solutions to applications in food and beverage due to resistance in hydrolysis and microbes.

Many firms such as Walkers Sausage Co have enjoyed huge benefit from the range at Lapp and set a sterling example of how processes should be run within the food and beverage industry. Ensuring hygiene and safety must be achieved before any large scale production and business functions can be truly built upon.

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