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Lapp Limited News

Solar/Photovoltaic Energy

Using the sun to generate electricity is becoming progressively popular. In some countries it wind energyis a necessity. Photovoltaic systems are being installed all over the world and the components used need to be able to endure extreme temperature ranges and UV exposure.

Growth in the UK has been impressive, but there has been confusion as some installations are being fitted with unsuitable products, such as Rubber insulated cables. For example, H07RN-F Cables. These cables will perform their functions for a short time, exposure to severe temperature variations in solar applications will eventually make the cable become brittle. In some cases this can lead to arcing which generates temperatures in excess of 2500 degrees Celsius.

Lapp Group use high quality insulation and outer sheath compounds for our ÖLFEX® Solar cables. These ensure that products can survive in the harshest of conditions. Our cables are tested and certified to national and international approvals, not only by our own laboratory but by independent testing institutes. Our components are popular with installers because of their many benefits, as they are UV resistant and also resistant to extreme weather conditions and temperature.

Wind Energy

The world supplies of fossil fuels will soon run out and the future lies in renewable and environmentally friendly alternatives.

Wind energy has developed into a significant market, in this field we are continuingly developing our products and creating new ones. A current example for highly flexible applications is the ÖLFLEX® TORSION FRNC.

The ÖLFLEX® TORSION FRNC is a good all-rounder, it is cold, torsion and oil resistant and has been certified for use in North America. It is especially suited for highly flexible applications such as the “drip-drop” which connects the static tower to the rotating nacelle of the wind turbine. These power cables connect generators, control units and moving machine components which are subject to continuous torsional flexing.

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