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Google creates Project Zero team to help with Internet Security

Google detailed screenSometimes they say that to understand the enemy, you must first think like the enemy. In the case of Google’s recent unveiling of Project Zero, it could be just the thing to help tighten up internet security.

Advanced cyber attacks are become and more prevalent for many internet users and the recent Heartbleed panic has led many people to looking to more secure ways to network. Many people are unknowingly being spied upon because of software weaknesses allowing bugs to filter through; many hackers will act upon this vulnerability.

The Project Zero team have been assembled by Google to help find these weaknesses before they can ever pose a concern to users of some of the web’s most popular tools which include Google’s own Chrome browsing software and Internet Explorer.

Project Zero’s security chief had this to say: “You should be able to use the web without fear that a criminal or state-sponsored actor is exploiting software bugs to infect your computer, steal secrets or monitor your communications.”

There have already been similar ventures into securing zero-day bugs but they have come under fire for not publishing their findings. This will not be the case with Project Zero as the vendor responsible will be plain to see by all on the web after Google’s expert team has tracked down the root of the flaw.

“The security of users doesn’t exist in a vacuum. Project Zero is an intriguing effort to improve the ecosystem in which people conduct their digital lives,” said Morgan Marquis-Boire, a web security engineer.

“By focusing specifically on maximum efficacy in killing bugs which are being used to target high-risk users, there seems a good chance this team can have positive real-world impact.”

This is a great step towards assuring internet safety for all users and with tech giants like Google, Facebook, HP and Microsoft offering monetary rewards to those who can find bugs, there will be plenty of people getting involved in making the world wide web secure.

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