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Lapp Limited News

Renewable Energy

As everyone has come to know, the planet’s climate has been changing due to human activities, especially our CO2 emissions. Most people agree to reduce our impact on the environment we all need to invest more in Renewable Energy sources, such as Wind and Solar.

renewable energy

Lapp Group has found a significant demand for new cables and products for use in these new renewable energy technologies. The chairman of the board, Andreas Lapp commented “The field of renewable energies is not just an absolute boom market for us but also an obligation to commit ourselves to protection of the climate and of our environment”.

Wind Energy

Lapp is one of the leading supplier’s worldwide for builders of wind energy units. Data and control cables must be able to withstand extreme pulling and twisting loads. With this in mind, Lapp Group has introduced the OLFLEX® H07BN4-F torsion resistant single core rubber cable. The cable has an abrasion resistant outer sheath and temperature range of -35˚C to 90˚C and a conductor that is specially designed to allow for torsion, making the cable ideal for use in wind energy from the moving gondola to the bottom transformer.

The OLFLEX® CLASSIC 110 control cables are used for the cabling within the gondola, with the highly flexible OLFLEX® FD CLASSIC PVC power chain cables for the transition to the gondola in the tower. The UNITRONIC® data cables and EPIC® industrial connectors are designed for the installation of the machine house.

Solar Plants

The cables within the LAPPTHERM® SOLAR brand range is a total of four different product lines; the LAPPTHERM® SOLAR plus, LAPPTHERM® SOLAR XL, LAPPTHERM® SOLAR SR and LAPPTHERM® SOLAR V4A.

These products offer perfect solutions for everything to do with solar panels, having been customised for the relevant special requirements for use at locations around the world. All of the products are very weather and UV resistant. The EPIC® SOLAR connector with wings is perfect for quick installation.

Bioethanol plants

The bioenergy market also got a massive impetus from the requirement to add bioethanol to the petrol sold at filling stations.

Lapp products ensure trouble-free production of the units. OLFLEX® CLASSIC 110 control cables and the halogen free version of OLFLEX® CLASSIC 130 H are used for everything from shredders to tanks.

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