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Product of the Month: OLFLEX Servo FD 796CP

CablesThis month’s Product of the Month series dedicates itself to the OLFLEX Servo FD 796CP, which is an EMC-Compliant high-end servo cable. The cable allows much faster speed and accelerations, which goes on to increase the economic efficiency of the machines.

Multi-standard = Fewer Part Varieties = Cost Savings

Why is this particular servo cable ideal for the food and beverage industry?

  • Extended line for heavy duty in power chain applications
  • EMC-Compliant
  • Halogen Free
  • Oil Resistant Cable
  • Stops the interference of signals
  • Mechanical Resistance
  • UV Resistant

With an extensive application range, this cable is suitable for various uses. It can be used reliably for connecting cables between a servo controller and motor, in power chains or moving machine parts, or even for use in assembling and pick-and-place machinery. In addition, it is safe to use in wet areas of machine tools and transfer lines.

What are the benefits?

  • Multi-standard approval reduces part varieties and saves costs
  • Suitable for use with servo motor product lines from leading drive manufacturers
  • Faster speed and accelerations
  • Oil resistant, mechanical resistant, UV resistant, halogen-free, power chain and interference signals.

This is one of the top cable products used within the food and beverage industry, due to the array of benefits it offers. Its fast speeds enable faster production, but its ability to be used in wet areas is also crucial due to the harsh cleaning components and procedures it would be introduced to.

The food and beverage industry is extremely demanding when it comes to the requirements for applications and materials used within the industry. Strict hygiene and cleanliness requirements exist, which means all cable products and accessories used need to follow these requirements and work efficiently during production.

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