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Lapp Limited News

Product of the Month: OLFLEX Robust 210


This is the second edition to the new Product of the Month feature with Lapp Group and this month we move from the OLFLEX Classic 400P to the OLFLEX Robust 210. This is one of many reliable control cables by Lapp and is to proven to be resistant to a wide range of chemicals, temperature ranges and an all-weather control cable.

These factors make this cable ideal for use in the food and beverage industry, but why is it suitable?

Firstly its excellent chemical and weather resistance makes it a reliable product choice due to the amount of chemicals it can be exposed to each day. It is also resistant to any contact made with plant, animal, or synthetic-based organic oils, greases, waxes and the related emulsions.

Additionally, it has great resistance to cold and hot water, as well as water-soluble cleaning agents. This makes it a water and wash-down resistant cable which is very critical for the food, drinks and packaging industry due to stringent hygiene policies.

The OLFLEX Robust 210 and last month’s Product of the Month are superior alternatives to the standard SY cable, lasting up to ten times longer. This proves why they are extremely reliable in the industry and this also prevents costly upkeep as opposed to other cables that may need replacing more often.

Lapp’s involvement in the food and beverage industry has been ongoing for many years, and has brought great success to the company with clients such as Coca Cola using the wide range of control cables.

Not many industries out there are faced with such strict hygiene regulations, but it is a crucial element of the sector that needs addressing at all times. In addition to providing solutions for a whole array of industries, Lapp is able to provide a credible solution for various applications to ensure you get what you need. This includes dairy, meat and fish processing, bottling plants, packaging machines and baking & confectionary processing.

Contact the team today for more information on how you can get the ideal cable for your specific industrial application, by calling 020 8758 7800 or email:


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