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Lapp Limited News

Product of the Month: OLFLEX Classic 400P

Product of the MonthEach month Lapp Group will be bringing you our ‘Product of the Month’ which will feature a cable, connector or service of ours that we strongly believe will benefit your chosen industrial applications.

This month we have chosen the OLFLEX Classic 400P, which is the ideal cable both the outdoors and indoors. This is due to its extremely tough polyurethane sheathing materials. This cable and others within the range including the 400CP, have been designed for heavy duty industrial applications, machine tool and plant manufacturing, or other instances where cables are exposed to heavy wear and tear.

This cable is ideal for the food and beverage industry in particular, due to it being a water resistant cable. As a wash down resistant cable it provides a key benefit for this industry following the stringent hygiene requirements that are in place.

You can class this cable as a hygienic cable with its non-porous material that will prevent the build-up of moisture turning to mould. This is an issue which has happened to the SY cable throughout the food and beverage industry, as well as in environments involving moisture or vigorous cleaning requirements.

It is very important when selecting cable products for this industry, to fully understand the detrimental effects the wrong cable could have. Bacteria and other microbes can feed on cable’s polymeric components, causing degradation as well as contamination of the cable’s insulation.

This can have a very negative impact on the production line due to the failure of cables and not being able to meet hygiene standards, which can become costly and time consuming. Lapp is a long-term partner to the mechanical and plant engineering industry, with a comprehensive range of specialised products which meet the requirements of the food and packaging industries.

Lapp has collaborated with many partners, including Coca-Cola and Guinness to bring you the best of the best. If you require more information on which product is best for your application, call 020 8758 7800 or email:

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