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Lapp Limited News

The ‘Seven in One’ Premium Cable by ÖLFLEX®

olflex servo motor cablesThe new OLFLEX® SERVO FD 796 motor cable, with a ‘Seven in One’ element, is a new premium cable by Lapp Group. This alone is capable of replacing seven of Lapp’s existing servo motor cables at once, offering users a whole range of additional benefits. To name a few, the cable itself has an exceptionally long service life making it more cost efficient in the long run, is compact and lightweight.

The working process of automated machinery requires many positional changes and variants in speed. This is where Lapp’s new premium cable shows its pure excellence. Its perks include, but aren’t exclusive to, acceleration up to 50m/s2 and speeds of up to 5m/s. The faster speeds and accelerations increase the economic efficiency of the machines in use. The additional benefits make this cable more efficient in operation than previous servo chain cables available.

The cable offers lower EM-effective leakage currents due to the low capacitance polyolefin insulation. The run up and breaking times have been reduced by up to 96 per cent. The new OLFLEX® SERVO FD 796 is halogen free and flame retardant, fulfilling health and safety requirements. These are key approvals which make the overall specifications of this product desirable.


Here you can find the full range of Servo Motor Cables to suit your requirements.

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