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Olflex Servo Motor Cable

The OLFLEX FD 796 CP is a Servo motor cable that has been developed and olflex servo motor cablesintroduced to the market in order to replace seven of the different servo motor cables at once, making it a whole lot easier to get things up and running, giving users a whole range of new addition benefits.

The operation of automated machinery requires many positional changes and variants in speed. This cable manages to offer up to 50m/s² and speed of up to 5 m/s and travel distances up to 100m. This means that the OLFLEX SERVO FD 796 is a significant cable on the market in regards to the speed and efficiency in operation it can offer as opposed to the previous versions.

The proportional run up and braking times have been developed to be reduced by up to 96%. Due to low capacitance polyolefin insulation the Servo FD 796 CP offers lower EM-effective leakage currents, but at the same time providing extremely high dielectric and electrical strength. As a halogen free and flame resistant cable, it has gained approval in UL and CSA.

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