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Lapp Limited News

Olflex Robust Cables

When manufacturing cables for the food and beverage industry, the Lapp Group make

olflex robust cables

sureolflex robust cables they cover rules and aspects to ensure their cables pass all the criteria’s for health and safety, especially when it comes to hygiene. When it comes to designing the cables, Lapp make sure they are all resistant to the specific materials and acids that the cables could come in contact with and they also meet varies requirements for the environments they will be used in.


The Olflex Robust Polyurethane Cable range are a generation of high quality, flexible control and connection cables. These cables are manufactured with LAPP TPE outer sheath, which makes them highly resistant to vegetable based oils. These cables are designed and developed with high flexibility, resistance to UV, tough and manufactured with RoHS compliant materials. The cables are robust when exposed to fresh, processed and even sewage water. They are also made robust to beverages such as fruit juices, wine, beer, lemonades, even when cold, warm and hot! The cables are also resistant to several chemicals. The cables are idea for use within applications where they are in frequent contact with vegetable and animal fats and oils. For example, these can be products such as milk, butter, cheese or fish and meat processing.

Olflex Robust cables show a much longer service life, they are exposed to heated steam more than ten times compared to a standard rubber outer sheath. The hygiene and cleaning efficiency reasons, detergents and disinfectants are added to the water, this accelerates the destruction and degrading of the cables.

The cables are harmless when exposed to various foodstuffs; they are without evaporating substances such as softening agents. Furthermore, they do not contain heavy metals, or any other substances that appear on the European RoHS directive black list.

The Olflex Robust cable family consists of various colour coded connection cables and number coded control cables. There are also highly flexible versions of the cables for applications that involve a lot of constant moving. For example, when used in drag chains.

Infestation with microbes

When materials degrade it is often caused by the infestation of microbes and bacteria. Even with all the different cleaning methods within the industry, this natural process cannot be completely avoided. This type of natural process happens in places such as agriculture, slaughterhouses, waste disposals etc. Provided that sufficient temperature and humidity are available, cable sheaths can also become a nutrient medium for microbes and bacteria.


Within the food industries, steam jet cleaners are used for cleaning to meet the hygienic requirements. If, however, cables do come into contact with any steam or hot water, the hydrolysis phenomenon will appear. This is one of the processes of the cables degrading. The reaction includes different processes such as substances being flushing out of the cable sheaths. The insulating material will become more brittle and the speed at which this process progresses depends on the surroundings of the cable and temperature prevailing within the cable.

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