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Lapp Limited News

New Addition to the Skintop Cable Glands Range

Lapp has designed and developed a new version of its innovative SKINTOP Cable Glands.

cable glands

Skintop Cable Glands

This new design has a unique brush connecting system, which makes it much easier to use with larger diameter cables. These cables are generally used within industrial applications such as control cabinets construction, engine and tool building, conveyor systems and the automotive, paper and packaging industries.

The SKINTOP MS-SC-M Brush is specially designed for use with copper braid screen cables. These cables can have external diameters ranging between 11mm and 45mm. Also available in metric threads from 32mm to 63mm.

The brush system from Lapp is EMC-safe and offers a quick and reliable alternative to the traditional ‘spring’ contact method. The new design features thousands of brush strands, all placed in a circular arrangement. This arrangement provides a wider and more variable clamping range. It also makes assembly; disassembly and installation must faster and simpler.

Fitting the new SKINTOP MS-SC-M Brush cable gland could be simpler. The entire task can be completed in a single operation. The user simply has to enter the cable into the gland, they then need to slide the screening braid under the brush, turn to close and the cable is automatically centred, fixed, strain relieved and hermetically sealed.

A final benefit of using a brush attachment system is that an optimal low resistance screen contract is achieved. This allows a high level of flexibility, further allowing easy adjustment and rotation of the cable within installation.

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