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Lapp Limited News

Lapp Industrial Power Cables – Making things happen!

For many of us we don’t appreciate the work that goes on behind the scenes of Concerts, Theatres, the Opera and TV Productions.  Without Sound, light, video and multimedia the shows would… Not go on.

For big productions to take place they need sound and light, the loss of either of these during the show would be a catastrophe, so it is important that all the equipment used in these environments are both reliable and robust.

The equipment also needs to be easy to put together and dismantle due to many productions/shows being on the road which means lots of de-rigging, transportation and setting up of equipment.

Lapp Group manufacture and supply high performance power cables for video, audio and power applications as well as heavy duty cable connectors.

These High Tough Polyurethane Cables have been designed and developed for harsh environments.

For extreme environments where low smoke is required in buildings for shows and exhibitions Lapp Group provides Low Smoke Halogen Free Cables.

For high performance sound applications Lapp Group manufacture high performance Industrial Speaker Cables.  Their wide range of speaker cables is compatible for flexing applications at temperatures down to -25°C.  For areas where public safety is a major concern an alternative low smoke halogen free version speaker cable is also available.

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