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Industry 4.0: The Next and The Best Industrial Revolution

4th Industrial RevolutionIndustry 4.0 is on the horizon and it aims to put itself on top of the rest, as the best. The first industrial revolution brought to us mechanical production facilities, based on water and steam power. The second refers to mass production with the use of production lines and then the third industrial revolution is considered as the ‘digital revolution’. This is associated with automation using robots.

The main aims of Industry 4.0 are to have greater flexibility and the ability to produce unique products manufactured to customer specifications. This should enable companies to create products with greater resource efficiency and more ergonomically. Customers and business partners will be integrated into the value chain much more dynamically. Greater flexibility will allow production technologies to be developed so that they can quickly be reconfigured for different products. This means that the old assignment of products to particular production facilities will be eliminated.

The people behind Industry 4.0 are not to be overlooked, as they are well established industrial giants like the Lapp Group. They work alongside new start-ups and act hand-in-hand with the worlds of research and politics in order to make the industry a great success. The key to achieving an intelligent future from a technical perspective would be the development of autonomous production facilities and intelligent workpieces. For example, these workpieces would store their own production schedule and bill of materials in the form of a RFID tag. This would enable them to know how they have to be built and will autonomously find their way through the production process without any assistance.

In addition, the combination of innovative technologies such as intelligent materials, clever products and smart machinery, will be what shapes the future. Factories where the entire production process is intelligently networked will be another aim. Alongside this, adaptable production lines that can produce one product today and another tomorrow will be a noticeable development. This will adjust to the response of the ever-changing needs of consumers, which is a vital component in Industry 4.0. This may sound unachievable to most, but this is the next industrial revolution. We have come so far since the first one, which makes the fourth revolution closer than you think.

There is a vast array of changes that are hoped to be made, which will no doubt change the current world of factory automation. A shift towards smart factory networks with production facilities that communicate with one another would be necessary. The Lapp Group won’t be a curious onlooker as these changes commence, instead they will be actively engaging in developing and testing pioneering products. This is in order to meet the increasingly demanding requirements of the changing industrial environment.

Industry 4.0 will be beneficial to companies in a number of ways. The German Academy of Technical Sciences estimates that this new industry will enable companies to increase their productivity by 30%. In this new era, machines themselves will be independently retrieving updates and new data records. This means by 2020, as many as 50 billion of these intelligent machines could be linked to one another!*




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