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wind turbine

Wind energy is quickly becoming one of the renewable energy sources of choice. With dwindling fossil fuel supplies and a growing demand for environmentally friendly choices, wind power has fast developed into a significant market.

Since the first electricity generating wind turbine was built in Scotland in 1887 we have pushed onwards to create the viable answer to today’s energy shortages.

The benefits are wide ranging; wind energy is plentiful, renewable and clean, produces no greenhouse gas and is widely distributed. The effects of wind turbines on the environment are less problematic that any other power sources. At Lapp we realise the importance of providing and progressing technologies in this sector.

In reflection to this, Lapp has founded the SBU Wind (Strategic Business Unit Wind) which specialises in the products, services and development in wind energy. At Lapp we are constantly progressing our products as well as creating brand new ones as technologies advance. Our products are tested to the highest industry standards and that our wind energy cables provide complete functionality, reliability and durability.

Lapp provides an extremely wide variety of cables all of our customers’ wind energy needs. Depending on your requirement we can offer in cold resistant, oil resistant and torsion resistant cables and can be used in nacelles, towers or the drip. The OLFLEX® TORSION is an example of our new innovation in wind turbine technology. They are highly flexible which makes them perfect for applications such as the ‘drip loop’, where machine components are subject to continuous torsional flexing.

A product that has clearly demonstrated its lasting quality is the OLFLEX® CLASSIC which has been in continuous use in the drip loop for over 10 years. Of course, at Lapp we also produce all the necessary high quality accessories for wind power technology such as adapters, data communication systems, industrial connectors, and cable conduit and carrier systems.

Expertise to Compliment Quality

Our experts have a wealth of knowledge and expertise to assist you and will be happy to help with any queries that you may have. We pride ourselves on the complete package of our industry leading products backed by our know-how.

With over 50 years of experience, our customers can rely on extremely high levels of quality and innovation. With an extensive range of over 40,000 items, we have an all round understanding of cable technology, not solely in the field of wind energy.