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The industry of robotics is a rapidly growing field; one that has picked up considerable pace in the previous decade. But, as the saying goes, a chain is only as strong as its weakest link; cables play a vitally significant role in the overall quality of robotics.

Robots have become a common fixture, and commonly, a necessity within many production processes as they are both robust and accurate. To enable this precision, it has become essential for a robot’s corresponding cables, components and cable systems to work to the same high standard.

Lapp has had more than 25 years of experience in finding dynamic solutions to their customers’ problems through developing and bringing robot technology to life. Cable technology is a critical component of the progress in robotic advancement – one that Lapp is pleased to have pushed forward during its history.

The smallest defect can lead to a decrease in productivity or can even sometimes halt production in its entirety. As any business knows; the cost of such issues can be astronomical and in the current financial climate everyone wants to keep costs at a minimum. We at Lapp consider it imperative to regularly control quality to guarantee efficient and dependable functionality.

In House Testing For Customer Satisfaction

Our customers always expect products of the utmost quality. Here at Lapp we guarantee that we continue to meet their demands by always meticulously testing our products in our own laboratory and test facility.

These systems demand that a tailored solution is a necessity for each and every application. Lapp Cables therefore develop their system solutions and robotic cables in close cooperation with their customers to guarantee that they are meeting all of their technical needs. Details such as environment, movement and cross section are all considered when preparing the design.

The customer can always be certain that the solution is correct and safe as Lapp takes pride in thoroughly testing even the first samples. This ensures that faults are reduced to a bare minimum.

Robotics Industry Manager

We enjoy making our customers feel comfortable from the start of our relationship right though to the end. By making our employees and industry experts accessible we can offer a regular communication straight to the heart of our knowledge base. At Lapp we present you with an efficient partnership for all your needs relating to the application of robots. We look forward to developing and testing new and innovative solutions to all your production needs.

If you have any questions, our employees would be more than happy to place their substantial industry knowledge at your company’s disposal.