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lift and handling equipment

Safety always takes precedent above anything else when it comes to lift and handling equipment. Vastly efficient logistic systems have been demanded by the growth of global business and exchange. Cables and their corresponding accessories play an important role in ensuring the quick and dependable flow of goods in the worldwide marketplace.

Overseas trade is still steadily gathering speed and developing around the globe. This progress is aided by modern and fast communication systems coupled together with punctual and reliable transportation. It is imperative that handling procedures run without error. In this 21st century marketplace; it is becoming more apparent that time is money.

 Lapp; Moving You Forwards

From the busy docks to the building site, lift and handling cables need to be reliable, durable and reliable under all types of stress and weather types. Lapp provides a complete range of OLFLEX connection and control cables, UNITRONIC data lines and also cable-related accessories.

Our extensive range of handling equipment and cables for lifting are designed to be used as reel cables and hawsers, or as towing cables on transport/conveyor systems and lifting  gear. We also produce elevator and lift cables of different installation lengths whilst also supplying flat cables, including for cable trailer systems.

As you would expect; Lapp also supplies preassembled system solutions. We are more than able to support your business needs throughout the world – we have international production sits and a worldwide distribution network.

Quality Assured

Testing takes paramount place in our production process. Lapp cables are continually tested in our in house test centre and laboratory. For example, we perform endurance testing on a test bench especially designed for reeling cables such as ÖLFLEX® CRANE.

The high standards that we set at Logg demand that we continually check the quality of our products, allowing you to firmly rely on them.

Tailored Solutions Specific to Your Need
If you are unable to source the correct product for your application then don’t hesitate in contacting our specialist team of experts. We can develop customer specific solutions and can provide on-site advice both backed by our in-house testing centre.