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Automation engineering plays an increasingly valuable role in the global economy. Our export-driven industries have flourished due to our continued diligence in researching and progressing automation engineering. Cable technologies are instrumental in this field.

At Lapp we recognise the significance of automation engineering through our Strategic Business Unit for this specific area of expertise. Automation engineering greatly decreases the necessity for human sensory and mental requirements while it reliably increases the speed, load capacity, or repeatability of any given process.

We understand that incorrect application of automation engineering is not acceptable in the current highly competitive market. Therefore we recognise that a solid expertise is especially useful in this sector due to the high level of dynamic growth that it demands.

At Lapp we have the experts and resources to develop fully tailored systems and solutions which are can be applied at the qualitative, technical and commercial level. Thanks to our own developmental departments, Lapp is at the very forefront of the evolution of automation cable engineering.

Helping you with all your Automation Engineering

At Lapp we are confident that we can offer our customer based a wide range of system solutions – from network and bus cables, to the corresponding industrial connectors and plugs, and ranging all the way to active bus modules and advanced network management systems.

We have a team of experts ready to understand your needs and develop your individual package – no matter what your needs.

Lapp; Leading the Way in Industrial Ethernet
As we progress into the 21st century, more and more research is being carried out to ascertain the prime advantages of using Ethernet-based office networks. Industrial Ethernet represents a fantastic alternative to the old field bus system and is being increasingly recognised and implemented worldwide. Below are some of the main advantages of using industrial Ethernet;

  • Dynamic bandwidth adjustment
  • High data transfer rate
  • Simple, flexible expansion options
  • Rapid commissioning thanks to simple connection technology
  • Consistent networking of different application areas
  • Better interoperability
  •  Increased distance

Originally developed to link local networks (LAN); these days Ethernet is finding numerous, extremely practical uses in the field of industrial manufacturing. By implementing Ethernet; the office world is able to be linked instantly and directly to the industrial world.

Ethernet cable consists of the widest range of transfer materials including; copper, glass fibre and polymer fibre. It allows data to be rapidly shared between all systems connected to a local network and can even been transferred wirelessly.

Now the most widespread communication technology in the world; it is sure to be improved over the coming years, as even more uses are found for it. Today, thanks to its simplicity, the Ethernet standard has become the most widely used standard in the world.  The fact that it is the basic technology behind the biggest network in the world, (i.e. the Internet) describes its quality and justifies its success.

At Lapp we are excited at the future potentials of the Ethernet. It is sure to open up new opportunities for the future.