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Lapp Limited News

The Future of the Robotics Sector

Robotics Sector

The word ‘Robot’ first appeared in 1921 through Czech author, Karel Čapek to describe artificial people working in factories. The word was originally based on Robota, meaning approximately forced labour. Since their features in countless stories, robots have been the heroic outcome for many science fiction stories to date; some of which have achieved cult status. Our selective Hall of Fame includes what we propose as the real star in Star Wars, R2D2 along with the classic Robocop. However, we can’t forget the legendary one-liner, “I’ll be back” from what has become one of the most influential science fiction films of the 1980’s, Terminator. Former fan of robot idols, Marketing Manager Frank Rothermund, is one of Lapp Group’s Robot know-how’s in the Robotic sector. What does the sector mean for Lapp? He states, “It’s a major global future market”.

Robotics is a strong growth market, which the company want to help shape into something bigger and better, in order to provide their customers with the optimum package. Lapp supplies complete systems in the area of robot cabling. These range from the useful cable harness systems, to other flexible cable solutions for the drag chain through to the connectors. This includes power cables, data cables and servo cables; Lapp’s cable harness systems provides assistance to customers, in the design and cost effective assembly of servo and motor drive cables, plus is an advanced system which robotics has excelled with.

Lapp carries out essential research like no other supplier. They’re not just a supplier, but a developer and producer. The key is continuous improvement and they’re always on the lookout for new solutions and constantly working on the future, to some extent. Automation is continuously becoming a more and more relevant area that has helped drive innovation across the robotics and automation industry. Robotics is a core use of automation that is controlled to ensure that they efficiently and safely work to do their designated jobs. Whether that’s applying paint to new cars or packaging products. Many products from around the world use these robotics that are born from automation. Examples are food, drink and home-ware all the way to aeroplane and ship building materials. It’s a vast industry and is becomingly increasingly popular.

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