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Lapp Limited News

Fibre Optic Cable Continues to Impress

Fibre Optics CablesAs the modern world continues to evolve and thrive with new amazing innovations demanding your attention each day, it should come as little surprise that the fibre optic cable is becoming a fundamental part of everyday networking. This is evidenced with the news that a cable line is set to be established in the Arctic through the Northwest Passage.

Should the plans be cemented and accepted, a fibre optic cable line would astonishingly stretch from Japan to the Canadian island of Newfoundland. It would then be utilised to deliver a super-fast connection to places all over the world. With a heft $600 million budget, this move looks as if it could be the start of something huge for connectivity worldwide.

As the current climate for networking has adapted and improved, Lapp have been right up there with the most forward-thinking companies as they’ve been producing their own range of fibre-optics since 2008. Given that it was relatively uncommon to have at the time, that bold move by Lapp appears to have paid off.

Upon its release, Matt Ansell, the Marketing Manager of Lapp Limited was very positive about the quality of the cables.

“We are pleased to be announcing a wide range of cost effective fibre optic cables intended to meet growing demand in refurbishment of existing facilities and for specifying into new buildings and industrial automation.”

Lapp has found success with their products since then with plenty of applications suited to its versatile properties. If for indoor use, the optical data transmitters deliver a fast as well as cost-efficient option to customers in either a single or multi-mode. For the outdoors, they range from 6 to 18 loose tubes with them also being available in single or multi-mode variations. Both versions are ideal for the workplace with each being available as low smoke halogen free cables – ideal to meet health and safety requirements in any industry.

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