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Cable Assemblies: Essential Element to a Successful Electrical System

cable harnessingA cable assembly is an essential piece of a system that consists of a series of cable and wires that are aligned to provide efficient transfer of information and electronic signals. Depending on the intended purpose and system requirements, the level of current data that must be transmitted will vary, as will the number of cables.

Typically, there is a method to secure the cables in position – a measure that helps to prevent many issues that could interfere with the normal function of individual cables. Cable assemblies may be used in any number of devices that rely on the use of individual cables. A cable will normally be protected with a sheath, before being secured in place with clamps that minimize the chances of damage to the cables during normal operation. Heavy equipment used in many factories as well as the wires and cables commonly found in power processing plants will also make use of different cable assemblies configurations.

The size of the cable assembly will make use of different cable harness configurations – and the size will depend on the number of cables that are included in the configuration, which in turn are often determined by the energy that needs to be conducted through the system itself. As with all electrical equipment, cable assemblies must meet safety standards that are set in place by regulatory agencies and are routinely inspected for any signs of wear and tear that indicate the time has come for replacement.

Computer technology is involved in aligning the wires or cables that are included in the design; the time necessary for the assembly of an individual cable assembly is relatively short, allowing manufacturers to produce plenty of the products – with custom options also available.

Lapp UK are a firm that provides cable solutions for anyone and everyone, whether you’re looking for items to ‘kit out’ your home with new electrical systems, or are looking to install a complete system within a work office or construction project, Lapp is the company to go to.

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