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Cabling for Automation Engineering

Automation or automatic control is one of the most widely used systems in the world as aAutomation Engineering means for reduced human intervention with operating equipment. As a generally broad term, it can be used in all almost all operating equipment, from the telephone systems in your office to giant manufacturing plants overseas. As such, the demand for universal data cabling solutions such as the Bus, Unitronic, and Etherline cable is growing in automation engineering.

Automation Trends:

Today, behaviour trends should show we are now introducing more automation solutions in retail. Fast food chains are using touch screen ordering systems, whilst supermarkets are using self-checkout machines. Even with down to mobile phone operating systems, consumers are now demanding a more streamlined approach from both product and service. It certainly suggests a future for automation in most, if not all industries in one way or another as we introduce new technology to make our lives easier.

Automation Solutions:

With such high demands on the automation industry, wiring and components need to be able to cope with this fast paced environment also. A couple of industry solutions are as follows:

As you might be aware, FieldBus cables are a popular choice for manufacture engineering which allows for intelligent data exchange. Particularly for manufacturers a ‘regular’ transmission cable simply won’t do. A product from the UNITRONIC® BUS cables range allows for a high transmission rate and data flow. For product manufacturing and data exchange, a reliable cabling system is absolutely critical.

The Industrial Ethernet cable is becoming an increasingly popular solution in industrial manufacturing. Nowadays it offers manufacturing a simple and efficient way to connect a range of applications. It is a favoured alternative to the Bus cable where you only have simple expansion options available.

The advantages of reliable automation cables include increased productivity, predictability and quality of products. Interference immunity means massive savings when we think about how much it costs when a production line is out of service.

One of the easiest ways to guarantee your automated set up is by using quality products, specially designed to meet the needs of your environment.

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