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Automation Cables and the UK’s Robotic Week

automation systemsWorking around the clock are specialist cable companies that strive to deliver the highest quality cable solutions the world has to offer. Automation cables play an integral role into our daily lives and the appliances and systems that we use, keeping our services convenient and ready to go when we need.

There is an ever changing field for robotics and its application for it both in and out of the workplace that has developed what was once a man operated process, to one that is controlled via cables and robotics.

With the rise of automation and the technological development of robotics, huge increases in efficiency and abilities have been made, that has seem the industry explode with innovation. As such, there will be the very first UK Robotics Week this year in 2016, showcasing a whole host of fantastic robots, developers, presentations, with benefits and future challenges all being raised.

Robots are commonly used in applications such as painting a car. The cabling combined with expert robotics ensures that these intelligent robots are able to perfectly paint the car in any required manner, without fault. These robots are highly versatile, and can be applied to a whole host of processes that will undoubtedly help push to world forward in terms of technological advancement.

Modern day robotics are expected to deal with an awful lot of pressure and work in a range of environments and different conditions. They are constantly twisting and turning, and will work in most conditions and can be protective when hit with chemicals and water. This has set the standard for all future robotics to meet paving the way for future developments and expectations.

The very first Robotics Week in the UK is taking place this June 25th to 1st July and has an exciting itinerary that you could participate within. The week aims to encourage the younger generation to embrace the robotics era, gaining their interest and contributing to shaping the future.

What on at Robotics Week 2016?

The UK’s first robotics week has an incredibly interesting schedule fit for all parties!

School Robot Challenge

A national challenge designed to inspire the natural world to design their own robot. Open to children between 4 and 17, this will introduce the concept of bio-inspired design that ties two incredibly important topics, nature and robotics.

Surgical Robot Challenge

Showcasing latest innovations within the surgical field, this challenge will see competitors bring their inventions to London, to demonstrate their talents and knowledge. This is a great opportunity for enthusiasts to help influence the future.

Autonomous Driving Challenge

A fantastic competition that sees designers and engineers design a self-driving robot, and is open to absolutely everyone! Professionals and engineers can really show their skills in this one. Teach your robot of the future to drive itself and feel the excellence you’ll receive from all those involved.

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Challenge

Already helping to transform the aviation industry, unmanned aerial vehicles themselves are still under development, ensuring safety and realising their immense potential these relatively new robots. The robotics week is looking for universities, companies, media firms and professional bodied to get involved with all of these challenges.

As it can be seen, automation plays a huge part of our technological advancement, and through further implementation of robotics, we certainly have an exciting future ahead of us.

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